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Here at Marble FP we love pensions but then we would say that wouldn’t we but with tight regulation, excellent tax advantages and the new pension freedom rules, they are a compelling choice for anybody looking for tax efficient savings, whether from a business or individual and at just about any age.

It is never too early to plan for your financial future and at Marble Financial Planning we understand the importance of working towards financial security during your retirement years. As a family-run Independent Financial Advisory practice, we take great pride in offering a more personalised service than the larger restricted Wealth Managers which allows us to put you and what you need at the forefront of everything we do rather than management or shareholders.

INTEGRITY and TRANSPARENCY are at the heart of everything we do and we place great value on building lasting relationships with our clients as we have long since realised the happy coincide that what is best for our clients is also best for our business, meaning we do not have to make any ethical compromises. With decades of experience and knowledge within the practice, we enjoy helping you understand your retirement planning, allowing you to make informed decisions in the best interests of yourself and those you hold dear.

Being independent, we have absolutely no ties when advising our clients and therefore recommend only highly rated funds with low charges as this keeps more money in your pocket. This is in direct contrast to many large wealth management companies who run their own funds, the primary purpose of which is to provide a secondary source of income to the company and its shareholders, it is most certainly not to add any value to you as the client. Many of these firms manage funds that are 4 or 5 times more expensive than the funds we recommend. Keeping costs low is an essential part of successful investing.

Our entire outlook and business principles have been built around doing the right thing and focus on the freedom of independence which allows us to do business our own way with HONESTY and POSITIVITY being paramount to us. We know we can make a difference as we have many years’ experience of doing so but we understand sometimes you might feel apprehensive to seek financial advice due to something you have read or heard but please don’t let this stop you. We are the opposite of the large corporate entities and as we grow, we want to do even more to stand alone whilst supporting other local businesses, families and talented young people.

We have vast experience of retirement and pension planning, so if you find yourself needing help with a company pension, a personal pension, a SIPP or even a SSAS then our doors are open. Behind them you’ll find a welcoming smile and a relaxed but professional approach, financial advice that is serious but not stuffy…

Our fees are always fair and fully disclosed early-on in the process, long before any advice is given or decisions made and there will never be a moments pressure or obligation. We are incredibly comfortable with what we offer so therefore simply wok through things with you, at a pace to suit yourself before presenting a solution which we then leave with you for consideration, the choice is entirely yours.

As mentioned, Marble has been built on long-lasting relationships and with this in mind we hope to speak to you soon so we can start building one with you.

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