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Being independent, we have absolutely no ties when advising our clients and are therefore free to recommend products from the entire market with no commercial or ethical compromises. As independent advisers, we work for you, not the lenders meaning we can offer unbiased advice with a focus on finding a mortgage to suit your needs, not somebody else’s agenda.

Integrity and transparency are essential ingredients here at Marble Financial Planning and we place great value on building lasting relationships with our clients as we have long since realised the happy coincide that what is best for our clients is also best for our business. We utilise the many years of experience and knowledge within the practice to get you the best possible result with both the short and long term in mind. Our knowledge of the market and ever-changing lenders criteria is second to none and always up to date which makes a huge difference when it comes to saving you time and money.

Marble Financial Planning has been built around doing the right thing and the beauty of independence is that it allows us to do business our own way with our responsibility to you being taken very seriously. We are confident of the difference we can make as we have many years’ experience of doing so but we also understand that you may be apprehensive to seek mortgage advice due to perceived costs or pressure but please rest assured that we actually save you money as well as reduce stress. There will never be any pressure or obligation, that simply isn’t how we work. We are the opposite of the large corporate entities and as we grow, we want to do even more to distance ourselves from their practices and reputations as they are in no way aligned to what we are working towards.

You could be forgiven for not being aware of the big differences between lenders and the type of clients they are trying to attract. If you were to walk into the branches that actually remain on the high street then you are very unlikely to get a mortgage best suited to your needs and they are not able to tell you this as of course they represent the company for which they work, we do not, we represent you and that is the key difference. If you could have access to one lender or all of them, which would you choose? Seems like a no-brainer really.

We have vast experience of the entire lending market, our advisers being some of the most respected in the area so if you find yourself needing help with your mortgage or lending of any kind then our doors are open. Behind them you’ll find a big smile, a cuppa and a relaxed but professional approach, mortgage advice that is serious, not stuffy…

If you require a loan to purchase a property, a re-mortgage, buy-to-let, further advance, lifetime mortgage, commercial or bridging finance then please give us a call, we promise that you won’t regret it.

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